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Critical Mass This Friday in Santa Cruz!

Critical Mass in Santa Cruz this upcoming friday! Post flyers around, tell your comrads, inflate your tires! You guys know the routine - gather around the clocktower (downtown, off of pacific) at 5 p.m., depart at 6. Hope to see you all there!

went last time comments: "so is the ride going to be like the last critical mass? there were only about twenty people, they took up the both lanes on mission, and then tried to start fights with motorists. it was my first CM here and it did not make me (or the people i was with) want to go again. i thought CM was about bikes getting together to acomplish a common goal or just to have fun, not be a dick to people and try to piss them off, but maybe i'm wrong?"

see also: NYC Files Lawsuit to Stop Critical Mass

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see related: Free Radio Santa Cruz and Critical Mass Radio Network - sElection 2004



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