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Possible Voting Irregularities in Felton

Moments ago I voted in Felton, a small town near Santa Cruz, California. When I entered my polling place, St. John’s Catholic Church, the local priest told me that I had to take off my t-shirt before I voted. I had a picture of Bush on my chest framed by the words “international terrorist.? So I went back outside and turned my shirt inside out. Later I found out that election rules do prohibit the wearing of “political? clothes in the polling station. Fair enough. But, then they told me that I had to vote with a pencil...

On the voting booth there was a pink sign that clearly said "to mark your ballot use ONLY the Mark-A-Vote pen provided." We were only provided with pencils--there was not a single Mark-A-Vote pen in sight. When I pointed this out to the election officials, and voiced my concern that my pencil vote could be changed, they told me to use a blue ball point pen and then color over the pen marks with a pencil. But, they indicated that this might make it difficult for the electronic scantron machine to read my vote. One official made a call on her cell phone, and after she got off the phone she began taking down some of the signs that told voters to use the Mark-A-Vote pen. I took one of the signs and brought it home with me. My polling place is St. John's Catholic Church on Highway 9 at the corner of Russell Avenue in downtown Felton.

Audio: Eben Kirksey's Call to Free Radio Santa Cruz

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