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Tent University Santa Cruz, April 18-22: Claiming UCSC As Our Own

From April 18-22, they will camp by the hundreds. UC Santa Cruz students, staff, and faculty -- not to mention dozens and dozens of community members -- will converge on the fields at the base of the campus for Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC), which promises to be among the largest political gatherings in the recent history of UCSC.

TUSC will essentially be a creative and powerful form of resistance to the ever-growing culture of oppression of which UCSC is a part, as well as an opportunity to define and create the kind of world we wish to live in. In glaring contrast to the University of California, which is driven almost solely by economic imperatives, Tent University will function based on principles of liberty, solidarity, community, and creativity. UCSC faculty will lead their classes there, rather than in their classrooms; representatives of various community organizations and movements will hold teach-ins and workshops; and students will teach their own classes on a wide variety of subjects.

Besides operating as its own semi-autonomous university, Tent University will also be a giant cultural festival, complete with numerous local bands and cultural clubs performing. It will mark a convergence of the campus' many vibrant movements, including the ongoing workers' struggle, a walk-out to defend public education on April 20th, and resistance to the campus' continued taxing of the natural environment (and the infrastructure of the greater city of Santa Cruz) to make way for thousands of more students. The final two days of Tent U will be devoted to a series of elaborate, mass-democracy sessions, where the entire group of Tent U campers will collectively devise a platform of demands to present to the University and the State Legislature.

Audio: FRSC Interview with Will Parrish about TUSC

Preparation: April 17th: Direct Action Training w/ David Solnit

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