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Suddenly, the Cops Ran Away and the People Rejoiced!

Police Brutalize Students for Sitting on Lawn at UCSC

On Monday, April 18th at 9:53 pm, University of California police descended on Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) and declared an unlawful assembly at the base of the UC Santa Cruz campus. Then at 10:17 pm the police began trying to arrest about 100 people that were locked down and chanting loudly. Police used pain compliance techniques on about 20 people and violently pried people apart from direct democracy circles, though some people did manage to escape from the pain compliance holds and again lock arms with other folks in the circles.

One nonviolent observer was pulled from the crowd by the cops and detained along with the people who decided to hold hands in circles under a tent after 8pm, the designated time to cease free speech at the base of the UCSC campus. There were numerous other instances of police brutality as well. One veteran reporter described the level of pain holds and brutality as the worst he'd seen since a 1973 prison riot.

A couple hours after the police began carrying people away one by one, a deal was struck between some of the TUSC organizers and members of the UCSC administration. The deal was that the UC administration would call off the police and allow TUSC to continue during the day on Tuesday if people began to disperse and no more than five people spent the night at the base of campus. The TUSC organizers accepted the deal causing a surreal scene where suddenly, at 12:17 am, the cops ran away and the people rejoiced. As one commenter wrote, "this was inspirational beyond words."

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