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UCSC's Vice-Chancellor of Communications lies about police brutality at TUSC

UCSC Vice-Chancellor of Communications lies to the media about police brutality at Tent University.

This is a copy of the email that has already been sent to Liz Irwin (

Hi Elizabeth,

My name is Max Glick and I am an undergraduate student at UCSC. I am writing to inform you that your name will be included with press releases and flyers that will be posted throughout campus and the community tomorrow, Wednesday April 20. You were quoted giving the following statement to the KSBW news crew:

"'No, no, there were no batons, there were no Tasers. Someone said there was a Taser (gun) used. No, there was no force of that sort,' UC Santa Cruz spokeswoman Elizabeth Irwin said."

I was personally batoned by a cop in my stomach as were several other students. We have pictures of bruises to prove it. Also, we were not locked down in the tent. We were peaceful bystanders who happened to be standing in the path of riot police. They did not ask us to move, they simply started attacking students with batons. We have documented these attacks with several photos and videos and everything will be online within the next 24 hours.

Video: Monday Night Arrests at TUSC

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