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No Party Ordinance Approved!

Santa Cruz City Council voted to approve the "no party" ordinance tonight [6/28/05]. It will go into effect in 30 days from today.

The vote was five to two in favor of the broad sweeping ordinance, which with its current language, disproportionately punishes renters and students who hold two or less parties within a 12-month timeframe, sends letters to the parents of 18-21 year olds, and letters upon the first warning to landlords, does not create an appeals process, nor did it create measurable criteria for what constitutes a violation of the "quiet enjoyment of public property."

Opponents of this ordinance will be meeting to organize soon to campaign for the repeal of this draconian ordinance unfairly targeting students and young people.

previous report: City Council Unanimously Passes First Reading of “NO PARTY? Ordinance


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