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Santa Cruz Sends Relief to Louisiana

Audio and photos from the report back with Curtis Reliford held on September 29 at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall. Curtis reported on the caravan that travelled from Santa Cruz to Louisiana (to Shreveport, Bogalusa, and New Orleans), to deliver four truckloads of goods donated by the people of Santa Cruz in the days following Hurricane Katrina.

Curtis told the story of the trip and answerd questions. This was followed by a welcoming to Santa Cruz of some 30 families who were displaced by the hurricane and have relocated to Santa Cruz.

Audio (mp3): Curtis Reliford a native of Shreveport, LA who now resides in Aptos, organized a caravan of 4 trucks and numerous volunteers from Santa Cruz. || Jimmy Pardo is one volunteer from Santa cruz who went on the caravan. || Michael Lindley is a second year student at the Health Sciences Center of Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. || David Jackson from Shreeveport, LA is relocating to Santa Cruz County with assistance from Curtis Reliford.

see also: Santa Cruz Community Yard Sale Benefits Katrina Survivors || "Thank You Santa Cruz!" from Shreveport, Bogalousa and New Orleans, Louisiana


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