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12th Annual Peace and Unity March in Watsonville

Hundreds gathered in Watsonville, CA on Sunday, Oct. 16 to march for peace and commemorate the victims of violence.

The annual Peace & Unity March began after the brutal murder of Jorge (16) and his little sister Jessica (9) Cortez. Jorge and Jessica were gunned down execution style outside a panaderia in Pajaro one February evening. A few months later, Tony Valdivia (19) was shot to death in a local beach party. Local youth were outraged and decided to do something about it. This march conmemorates all carnales and carnalas who have died of gang, domestic, and international violence in our community.

For 11 consecutive years the Brown Berets have brought the different barrios together in a march which encompasses Watsonville as a whole. We are not only advocating for peace, but also for unity within our barrios.

Audio: FSRN: Watsonville Peace and Unity March || Dangerous Minds and Paying Tribute

Photos: Marching in the Streets || Marching, Pausing, Reaching Out and Performance

Audio and Photos: March Literally Takes Streets Back


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