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Two Thousand Too Many - Vigils on Wednesday, October 26th

"Not one more death, not one more dollar for war!"

Join concerned citizens in cities across the US in a public candlelight vigil to mark the loss of the 2,000th US soldier in Iraq. Two thousand is too many, and we call upon the Bush Administration and all our elected officials to pull our men and women immediately out of this needless war. We call for an end to all death and injury, American and Iraqi alike. We call for an end to the occupation now! And we call for a return of the resources of Iraq to the Iraqi people.

On the evening after the 2,000th death, come together at 7:00 PM at the Town Clock Park in the city of Santa Cruz (at the corner of Mission/Water Streets and Pacific Ave). Bring candles to hold shielded from the wind - and bring flowers, ribbons, shells, feathers, photos, poems, votive candles, and.... to create an altar in honor and in memory of those slain and injured. If you can, wear Black or White.

After the vigil we will march in a "trail of tears" down Pacific Avenue and up to Mission Park (by Holy Cross Church), the site of the original occupation and genocide on the land that we, here in Santa Cruz County, now inhabit, a thread that pervades our nation and lives on exponentially into Afghanistan and Iraq.

Information about community vigils and more can be found on the AFSC's list of over 604 local vigils all over the US.

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Photos: VIGIL - Two Thousand Too Many


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