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The People Confront Racist Minutemen in Sacramento

Activists, including the Watsonville Brown Berets, disrupt Minutemen rally on the steps of the Capital

On October 29, 2005, about one hundred Minutemen, a racist vigilante group, staged a rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento in order to gain support for an initiative that would create a state police force specifically responsible for enforcing federal immigration law. More than one thousand organizers, immigrant rights groups, students and families staged a spirited and emotionally energized counter protest on the length of the sidewalk in front of the Capitol steps where the Vigilantes held their program. Protecting the vigilante group were various police agencies, including the CHP and Sacramento police, who stood between the dissenting factions.

Protesters carried signs demanding an end to terrorism on immigrants and that no human is illegal. Several politicians, including Peter Camejo, Green Party candidate, addressed the crowd of protesters and denounced the proposed measure and the Minutemen. The police, utilizing excessivly brutal force, arrested one demonstrator for standing on the street. Arnold Schwarzenegger has publicly supported the Minutemen. Jim Gilchrist, a founder of the Minutemen and the Save Our State Initiative, is planning on a run for Congress in 2006. writes: there were actually 4 arrests (if not more). 2 were released, one is pending release (resisting arrest), and one santa cruz resident is still in jail on two felony counts.

Fernando Suarez del Solar escribe: Mi mas sincero reconocimiento a todos y cada uno de los hereos que se enfrentaron a esos ilegales llamados "Minutenmen", es un orgullo para nuestra raza que personas como ustedes hagan valer nuetro legado historico y nuestro derecho. En nombre de Guerrero Azteca por la Paz, les agradesco de corazon su esfuerzo tan significativo y valeroso, a los muchachos de mi ciudad hermana Watsonville, gracias, muchas gracias y reciban mi cariño. Paz y justicia hoy y siempre!!!

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