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Report from Occupied Palestine 11-15-05

Audio interview with George Cadman, FRSC producer working with the International Solidarity Movement, reporting about Bil'in from the village of Qawawis in occupied Palestine.

Audio: Download the mp3 (26 minutes / 12 MB)

The army came into the village around 3 am. About six Israeli activists, ten Palestinians from the village and three of us ISMers went out into the street with our cameras. We followed the army through the village, filming, as they went to one house and then another, banging on doors. They tromped through gardens, yards and olive groves. Basically, behaving as though they owned the place. There was only one house where someone was home. A woman and her husband came to the door. The man repeatedly told them that the only children in the house were babies, the oldest being 8 years old. The army tried to convince him to let them enter while he tried to tell them to let his children sleep and not come in and frighten them. Finally they decided to leave and not to enter the house. Then they went down a dirt road behind his house. He told them that it was just someones garden, but they went down there and were banging on sheds. They gave up after awhile when it was obvious that there was noone in them. After about an hour they left with noone. The fact that there was so many of us watching, definitely seemed to deter them from using more force and from staying longer than they did. We hopefully made a difference.

Keep tuned to Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm this month for more reports.

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