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FRSC: 2nd Report From Occupied Palestine 11-19-05

Second report from George Cadman working with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in the Bil'in village of Palestine. George is watching/waiting for the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) to observe and document the soldiers entering the village to arrest boys for allegedy throwing rocks.

George describes the demonstration today (11-19-05) at the Qalandia checkpoint, the main entry way between the West Bank and Jerusalem where a wall is being constructed which will in its completion effectively cut off 80,000 residents of east Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank.

Audio: Download the mp3 (9:53 minutes / 4.5 MB)

Keep tuned to Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm for more reports this month.

previous coverage: Report from Occupied Palestine 11-15-05


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