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National Stand Down Day in Santa Cruz

In front of the Military Recruiting Center on 41st Avenue in Capitola, over 50 activists gathered on Friday Nov 18th to call for an end to the Iraq war, and to bring our troops home now.

Spreading out along a whole block of 41st Avenue, participants carried signs, banners, and flags, and flashed the peace symbol to the passers-by!

The day was called National Stand Down Day because "stand down" is a term used by the military for days when they have training, reviews etc., and so "stand down" from their normal duties. Thus, citizens all over the country "stood down" for an hour or two from their normal duties to help bring this war and occupation to an end!

Photos: "National Stand Down Day" at Capitola Military Recruiters

see also: National Stand Down Day at Recruiting Stations Across the Country


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