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Save Tookie Williams - Nov. 30th


The State of California has set December 13th as the execution date for Stanely Tookie Williams, whose remarkable change from co-founder of the Crips gang to Nobel peace prize nominee was made into the movie "Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story" starring Jamie Foxx. Foxx has spoken up for Williams, saying "We can't let it happen. We've got to do everything we can to get the word out."

Take part in the international day of action locally at a teach-in taking place at UC Santa Cruz this Wednesday, November 30th at 7:30PM featuring professor Angela Davis, professor Paul Ortiz and a special performance from Rainbow Theatre.

Audio: Save Tookie Williams Teach-in at UCSC

additional action earlier in the day: "At 12 noon (on Wed, Nov 30th, 2005) , a protest rally at Santa Cruz City Hall (809 Center st., Santa Cruz) will feature speakers from the ACLU, Santa Cruz City Council and Death Penalty Focus. Santa Cruz will be declared as a "World City Against the Death Penalty" by Santa Cruz Mayor, Mike Rotkin." ( Photos and Audio)

Audio: FRSC: Interview with Barbara Becknell Tookie Willams advocate/editor || FRSC audio PSA

Photos: 11/19/05 Save Stan Tookie Williams Rally at San Quentin, CA

see also: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

from Teach-ins, Day of Action Demand Clemency for Stanley "Tookie" Williams || November 30th Day of Action Against Executions || December 8th People's Clemency Hearing for Stanley Tookie Williams

[ Campaign to End the Death Penalty] [ ] [ ] [ Critical Resistance ]


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