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DeNuke UC! -- UCSC Students Rally Against Bechtel and Nuclear Proliferation

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On Wednesday, November 30 – the UC wide Nuclear Day of Action (announcement and PR), approximately one hundred UCSC students took part in a spirited rally at the quarry plaza on the UC campus. The day’s events, called “DeNuke UC,? sent a loud and clear message to UCSC administration, the UC Regents as well as President Robert Dynes that Santa Cruz students do not stand for nuclear proliferation in the name of education.

The 2-hour long event, organized by the UCSC Students Against War, featured performances by the Raging Grannies, speeches by students and community members as well as a guerrilla-theatre “UC-Bechtel wedding ceremony. The day was culminated by an informative talk by former Lawrence Livermore Lab employee and whistleblower, Leuren Moret.

By decorating the colorful papier-mache bomb in the center of the crowd with writing and art, students, faculty, and community members were able to share their thoughts on the Bechtel-UC partnership as well as the continued research of new nuclear weapons at UC-run labs. “Don’t take my money for nuclear development: don’t steal my education,? read one quote, another called for the dismissal of the UC Regents and President Dynes.

Photos: Photos from UCSC DeNuke Rally || De-Nuke UC Speech & Pictures

Audio: Rockin' the Boat: De-Nuke the UC

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