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Santa Cruz Recruiters Closed for Peace Until Further Notice

Santa Cruz Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines recruiting offices stayed closed all day Wednesday, March 5, because of a large rally and civil disobedience action held outside their offices at 41st and Clares Streets in Capitola. They will remain 'closed for peace' until further notice, as recruiters plan to stay away as long as protests continue.

People are asked to come back to the recruiting offices at 12 noon on Thursday, Friday, and Monday, March 6, 7, and 10 to support the effort to keep the recruiting offices closed.

Come with signs, songs or poetry, or simply come for a lunch break.

This protest is being organized by the Santa Cruz Peacemakers of the Resource Center for Nonviolence, in coordination with the national Not In Our Name Campaign, which has called for people around the country to take their resistance to war to the next highest level.

Read this report posted on Wednesday along with these photos 1 and 2.

Meanwhile more than 300 students at UCSC rallied in the bookstore plaza in conjunction with an international student strike called for by the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition.

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