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Protesting for Peace After the Bombs Drop

Peace demonstrations have been taking place in Santa Cruz, Capitola, and Scotts Valley. People rallied and marched through the streets of Santa Cruz on Thursday starting at the town clock, then marching through downtown, lower ocean area, and then up Ocean St. It was a peaceful, yet militant reclamation of the entire street.

There were no known arrests and the Santa Cruz Police Department actually allowed protesters to take the streets while blocking oncoming traffic. The march continued back through the downtown area before arriving at the County Building for a rally with speakers, moment of silence, and trainings in non-violent direct action. Candlelight vigilers remained at town clock through the night.

On Friday demonstrators blocked the entrances to the Military Recruitment Center in Capitola. A Free Radio Santa Cruz (96.3fm) phone interview with one of the demonstrators was cut off by the police and the demonstrator was arrested, one of 12 arrests at the demonstration.

Audio: Days of Protest

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