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Native Sovereignty & Prospects for Revolution In America

On Wednesday, May 14, John "Splitting the Sky" Hill and Craig Rosebraugh will be speaking at UCSC's Charles E. Merill Lounge from 5:30 - 7:30 on Native Sovereignty, reevaluating the anti-war movement, and prospects for revolution in America.

Splitting the Sky - Speaking on Native Sovereignty
From a backround of orphanages and boarding schools, Splitting the Sky emerged as a principled leader of the Attica prison rebellion at the age of ninteen, and later became a major figure with the American Indian Movement. He was founder of the League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations of the Western Hemisphere, has been involved in numerous armed standoffs with the Canadian and US authorities, and after decades of poverty, imprisonment, and repression, he continues to agitate for Native sovereignty and prisoners rights.

Craig Rosebraugh - "Reevaluating the Anti-War Movement"
Former spokesperson of the underground Earth Liberation Front. Long time proponent for direct action tactics to defend the earth, animals, and people.



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