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News :: Education & Youth

March for Education, Sept. 15-22 - San Jose to Berkeley to SF

Over two dozen Bay Area students and youth will walk from San Jose State University to UC Berkeley to San Francisco State University from Sept. 15-22 to dramatize their concern for the future of education in California. Along the way, they will visit a total of 17 different California State Universities, community colleges, and private colleges, to dialogue with the students, faculty, staff, and community members at those campuses and build a person-by-person understanding of the myriad ways the state’s failed budget priorities are impacting its citizens.

The walk will conclude with a special appearance at the UC Regents meeting in San Francisco on September 22. The long-term vision of the "Education Rising" campaign is the creation of a "union" for students. This union, based on a structure of deep participatory democracy, will serve as a political voice for all those who care about education and youth rights.

Audio Interview and Photos from the March for Education
Audio: March for Education

Related story from June 2004: UCSC Students Step Toward Peace


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News :: Peace & War

Santa Cruz Vigil to Mark 1000 American Dead in Iraq

Santa Cruz residents held a gathering at the clock tower on September 9 to mark the 1000th dead American solider in Iraq. Veterans For Peace and others held signs and spoke at an open mic to call for peace and the withdrawal of US soldiers from Iraq. (announcement)

audio: Interview with Vietnam Vet for Peace I photos

comment from media watch:
"You both left when it JUST started to get huge -- there were over 200 people with candles lining both sides of the street. It was really moving to see SO MANY people I hadn't seen before -- they also had signs printed up 1000 dead and my friend had a big one 10 thousand iraqi women children men dead and I held a big WHY? anyway sorry you missed the better part of it."

Related audio: Vigil for the Fallen as Bush Accepts GOP Nomination


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News :: Arts & Culture

Photos from the Beach Flats Mural Celebration

A Beach Flats Mural Celebration took place on September 9 at the corner of Beach and Park just below Santa Cruz's well known Giant Dipper roller coaster. The Beach Flats Mural Project was always meant to be more than a finished mural. It was meant to be a process that brought together people of all ages, all backgrounds and skills, in a community project.


Mas que pintura en una pared el proyecto del mural siempre lo comenzamos con la idea de que fuera un proyecto comun. Nuestro mural ha involucrado a personas de todas edades, origines y destrezas en un proyecto comun.

Photos: [ part 1 I part 2 ]
Slide Show


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Announcement :: Environment & Food : Government & Elections : Transportation

No on Measure J Book Sale Fundraiser

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, California. On September 11th and 12th The Campaign for Sensible Transportation will be holding a two day, fundraising book sale, benefiting the No on Measure J- "Widening 1 Won't Work" campaign.

No on Measure J is opposed to Meaure J, the highway widening sales tax initiative. The initiative will be on the ballot in November. If passed it will raise the county's sales tax primarily to widen Highway One from Santa Cruz to Watsonville.

[ Campaign for Sustainable Transportation I No on Measure J I People Power ]

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News :: Health & Drugs : Police State : Resistance & Tactics

Report from NYC - I'm NOT in jail!

On August 31, nearly 1000 people were nabbed by the NYPD during widespread direct actions around New York City. (A number of medics over the past few days have been singled out and arrested).

The mainstream coverage describes these protests and arrests as "confrontational" and "scuffles," etc, but protesters held their composure and kept to their well-organized plans, despite aggressive police tactics that included orange plastic fencing to keep protesters penned in, and "snatch squads" that targetted individuals standing in the middle of otherwise peaceful crowds.

Actions I witnessed included a "shut up-a-thon" in front of fox news headquarters (there were over a thousand chanting "shut the fox up"), a road blockade by comrades from the bay area, a die-in by members of the war-resisters league, a street party near union square, and lots of arrests. It felt like spontaneous eruptions all over the city, the grassroots pushing up through the concrete at every park and major intersection, strategically non-violent and with powerful messages against the war in iraq, the corporate agenda of the bush administration, and the lies propogated by the corporate media.

more updates: [ Are You A Peaceful Police Officer? I Interviews from the RNC ]

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism : Health & Drugs : Resistance & Tactics

Report from New York!

So much has been going on that I can only tell of a few things, a tiny window into the enormity of this protest. I am of course here with my street medic collective from the bay area, working in a larger network of street medics from all over the country, so that is often the angle I get on things, the cops vs. protesters play-by-play and all the injuries, not to mention heat exhaustion (it's in the 90's and muggy here, feels like cancun!).

Things started off Thursday with a banner drop from The Plaza Hotel by four activists who rappeled from the roof with a sign with opposing arrows with "Bush" and "truth" in opposite directions.

Friday night was a critical mass ride (truly massive), with 5,000 riders and ultimately about 250 people arrested, lots of angry motorists, and general chaos in midtown and lower manhattan.

Sunday, as you all may know by now, was ENORMOUS, with at least half a million people marching in manhattan ALL DAY LONG, wrapping all the way around from union square up to madison square garden and back down to union square, a constant stream from noon until about 5 pm.

Today a few marches and rallies are planned, including Still we rise (community organizations from NYC) and the poor peoples' march (kensington welfare rights union). Then Tuesday will be a whole slew of direct actions, so keep your eyes and ears open.

(((i))) BREAKING NEWS: Gov't Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs - Service Provider Refuses

see also: [ NYC-IMC I Portland Indymedia Coverage I Puerto Rico Indymedia Corbertura en Espanol ]

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Review :: Arts & Culture : Education & Youth

ART IN ACTION performance pix

The Art in Action Camp is a ten-day summer camp for 16 to 25 year-olds that brings together poets, singers, dancers, artists and other young visionaries to create a vision of freedom and hope for the future—while voicing opposition to corporate war abroad and the criminalization of youth at home.

Art in Action took place this year from August 16 through August 25 at the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond, on an 80-acre redwood forest just twenty minutes north of Santa Cruz. Art in Action's final day, August 25, concluded with a 7:00 pm evening public performance in the Santa Cruz Veteran's Hall at 846 Front Street, Santa Cruz. (announcement)

Photos: [ vol 1 I vol 2 I vol 3 ]


Announcement :: Alternative Media

Critical Mass Radio Network

Critical Mass Radio Network is an attempt to bring together community radio stations for a shared, coordinated, decentralized network broadcast. It is a network of autonomous radio communities who provide the programming and infrastructure for the network. Initially, CMRN plans to broadcast on the last Friday of the month.

The first Critical Mass Radio Network broadcast will take place on August 27, 2004 with the participation of Kill Radio (LA), Radio Active Radio (SD), Free Radio Santa Cruz, NYC IMC Sound, Enemy Combatant Radio (SF Bay) and Portland IMC Radio. The Republican National Convention in New York City will be the theme of the coordinated broadcast.

Critical Mass Radio Broadcast Friday!!

Audio: [ PSA for Critical Mass Radio Network's 1st Broadcast I CritMass Radio Network Station ID I DNC2RNC audio collage I Freak Radio Santa Cruz segment ]


Announcement :: Alternative Media

Free Radio Santa Cruz Benefit Film Screening on Aug 31

Free Radio Santa Cruz is Making Waves. On August 31, 7pm, at the RCNV there will be a benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz. "Making Waves" is a new documentary by Michael Lahey about UNLICENSED MICROradio stations in Arizona and Michigan.

Making Waves reveals the pirates' personal and political passions that compel them to defy the FCC. As they confront the difficulties and risks of running an unlicensed station and take their fight for free speech into the open, the film invites the viewer to ask, 'If the public took back the airwaves, what would they sound like?'

Shorts of Free Radio Santa Cruz in the local news will also be shown.

Audio PSA: Download the mp3

[ Making Waves I Free Radio Santa Cruz I ]

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News :: Environment & Food

Back to Back Direct Actions for Cascadia's Forests!

This week forest defenders across Cascadia united to expose the link between the politicans and corporations that profit from the destruction of US public lands. On Tuesday, 40 Cascadians occupied US Senator Ron Wyden's office. The following day, a protester dressed as a spotted owl locked to a 250 pound stump while others rallied, shutting down Umpqua Bank's flagship branch for several hours.

Both Umpqua Bank and Senator Wyden greenwash their images, depicting themselves as environmentally friendly while supporting and profiting from the destruction of Oregon's native forests. Senator Wyden presents himself as a green politican, and yet of all US politicans he is the fifth highest recipient of campaign contributions from the timber industry. Meanwhile, he sponsors earth-destroying legislation with eco-friendly names like the "Healthy Forest Restoration Act."

Similarly, Umpqua Bank markets itself as a new, hip, eco-conscious bank. In reality "StUmpqua" Bank is run by the dinosaurs of Oregon's ancient forest logging industry. With the past two days of forest actions, local activists are gearing up for the upcoming Earth First! Direct Action Rendezvous in Southwest Oregon the final weekend in August, near the massive Biscuit logging project. The National Earth First! Rendezvous will be held in Oregon in Summer 2005.

VIDEO: Office takeover; Bank lockdown
PHOTOS: Office takeover; Bank lockdown; photo essay from stumpqua bank

BACKGROUND AND NEWS: [ Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Infosite | Native Forest Council | Portland Indymedia Forest Page | Cascadia Forest Defenders ]




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