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Announcement :: Arts & Culture

Santa Cruz Night Out Returns to Tuesday Nights in August

Last summer a group of community volunteers successfully piloted community street fairs on Pacific Avenue showcasing local talent and building community. Santa Cruz Night Out will once again unify the local community Tuesday nights in August. Building on the success of last year’s gatherings, the Coalition for Community Commons along with support from New Leaf Community Markets and Cruzio, will be hosting five events, two more than last year. “The goal of these events is to; once again, demonstrate that these events are beneficial to our community and local businesses. Many other communities are fortunate to have events such as these, and we hope that someday these events will be a weekly occurrence during the summer in downtown Santa Cruz?, stated John Fisher of the all-volunteer Coalition for Community Commons.

Santa Cruz Night Out will take place from 5:30 – 8:00pm on Tuesday nights in August on Pacific Avenue, between Lincoln and Cathcart. This pedestrian friendly portion of Pacific Avenue will host the following events: August 3 – Kids Night Out, August 10 – Dancing in the Streets, August 17 – Santa Cruz Unplugged, August 24 – Avenue of the Arts, and August 31 – A Taste of Santa Cruz. All Santa Cruz Night Out events are free.

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News :: Environment & Food

The Mendocino Model

gmo_free_mendo.jpgOn March 6, 2004 residents of Mendocino County passed Measure H, banning the planting of Genetically Engineered (GE) crops -- also known as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) -- within their county. The measure is now being used as a model in at least a dozen other counties in California where local residents are well on their way to passing similar measures. Organizers in Butte, Humboldt, Marin and San Luis Obispo counties have already collected enough signatures to place measures on the November ballot. Californians feel that local measures seeking to ban the cultivation of GE crops are critical steps toward economically and ecologically sustainable agriculture.

California farmers produce more than 350 varieties of crops and export more than any state in the US. Although California is recognized as a world leader in organic food production and sustainable agriculture, the world’s largest biotechnology companies are attempting to force GE crops onto California’s farms. Genetic engineering poses a significant risk to the environment, our food supply and the economic health of farmers.

August 3: Trinity County, CA Bans GMOs

[ Californians for GE-Free Agriculture I Mendocino's Measure H I Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange ]


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News :: Arts & Culture : Civil & Human Rights

DNC 2 RNC Marches on!

The DNC2RNC March is a 258 Mile Movement from The Boston Common to Madison Square Garden; stopping, rallying, and spreading resistance the entire way. The March left from the Common the day after the DNC ended, on July 30th. Nearly 90 people rallied at 9am, ate breakfast provided by Seeds of Peace, and held a circle chant where we all met each other by saying our names and having the group repeat it. At around ten in the morning the march was off. The police escorted and the first day had little tension. (full report from Days 1 - 3)

DNC 2 RNC Democracy Uprising I portland indymedia dnc & rnc coverage

Social Justice Activists to March 258 miles from Boston, MA to NYC I Audio: RNC Not Welcome Interview

[ Boston Indymedia I Bl(A)ck Tea Society I Boston Social Forum ]

[ NYC IMC I NYC Grassroots Media Coalition I RNC NOT WELCOME I Counter Convention ]


Commentary :: Alternative Media : Education & Youth : Poverty & Urban Development

The Need for “Scholarships? Marks the Class Separation

Whenever “scholarships? are required for anything, you can be guaranteed classism is present. A certain group is left out and no one notices. Then a member of the left out group speaks up, and says “Hey, how come I am left out?? Then the group who left them out in the first place, feels guilty, and tries to act like giving “scholarships? will even everything out. But that is a band-aid at best. As the classism that originally *caused* the need for a separate system for the poor to participate, remains.

Scholarships are merely band-aids to cover the class chasm. If you really want to make an even playing field, the real analysis required is not how to fund scholarships, but how to eliminate their need altogether. One must only look at *why* such scholarships are needed, to figure out why something is classist. It is not rocket science. I think scholarships are merely guilt tools for the elite. If they really cared about equality, they would eliminate a playing field that requires some to request *special* status just to participate like everyone else. Many of us just do not want to participate in things, if we have to be singled out for scholarships to participate. It is lacking dignity. I wish people would get this basic concept.

Kirsten Anderberg's website

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News :: Education & Youth : Environment & Food

Save the Grass Field at Mission Hill Jr. High

grass_field.jpgThe PLASTIC TURF project at Mission Hill Jr. High School, with a four-lane perimeter athletic track, has been delayed for at least six months, pending resolution of legal action brought by the Mission Hill Neighbors and Parents Association (MHNPA). This project involves the removal of 1' of earth site-wide in a sensitive archeological area (the historic Mission District - see Archeologist's report (.pdf)), and the installation of site-wide plastic turf and track over ground used car tires (mixed with sand), at the cost of $1 MILLION.

WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! Please contact the school board concerning how you feel about this project. It is imperative that opponents of this plan immediately contact, preferably by phone, the six school board members who will decide the issue of whether to proceed in the next few months with defending the action brought by MHNPA or settle.

Mission Hill Neighbors and Parents Association

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Announcement :: Peace & War

"Books Not Bombs" Major Hiroshima Commemoration and Protest 8/8 in Livermore

Everywhere you look, you see school budgets cut, libraries closed and social programs gutted -- yet funding for nuclear weapons continues to rise. In the City of Livermore, two schools will close while money for nuclear weapons increases at the nearby Livermore Laboratory.

The Livermore nuclear weapons lab has long been the appropriate site for creative, nonviolent resistance to nuclear weapons. It is fitting that we will gather there on Sunday, August 8, to mark the 59th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On that day, Tri-Valley CAREs and allied groups will host a major rally and march to say: "Books not Bombs."

Stopping the programs at Livermore that enable the creation of new and modified nuclear weapons is essential to achieving global nonproliferation and disarmament. Our August action is part of an international series of events. Join us and tens of thousands around the world to say "NO" to
nuclear weapons and U.S. nuclear policy. Say "YES" to changing our priorities.

Weapons Inspection at Lockheed Martin in Bonny Doon on August 6

California Peace Action: "Books Not Bombs" I Fiat Pax I Tri-Valley CAREs I Western States Legal Foundation ]

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News :: Alternative Media : Civil & Human Rights

Cyprus Government Admits Investigation Against Indymedia and Petros Evdokas Initiated by US Intelligence

The scandal is unfolding in gigantic proportions. Responding to a publicity and solidarity campaign by Indymedia, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has been forced to admit that they were acting under orders from the US Government to carry out an intelligence investigation of Cyprus Indymedia and of one of its founding members, Petros Evdokas, in order to assess whether he "constitutes a threat to US interests."

Police had interrogated his family a few weeks ago and, during the affair, inadvertently blurted out that the source of this investigation was a directive by the CIA. After a series of denials and cover-ups (chronicled below) the Police Headquarters issued an official statement on Friday admitting to everything that Indymedia had accused them of, namely that directives of the CIA and the US Embassy have priority over their own mission which, believe it or not, is to protect the tiny and independent Republic from foreign intervention.


News :: Alternative Media

3/5 of the FCC Commission Hold 'Official' Hearing in Monterey

In 1998 Michael Powell, the FCC chairman, gave a speech where he described ‘waiting for the ‘Angels of the public interest’ to show up and express their opinions concerning FCC regulation issues’. He said they didn’t come. Banking again on public apathy Powell later invited us to give feedback on the FCC’s performance.

Much to his dismay, 2.3 million people petitioned to protest the FCC’s policies and relaxation of regulations.

The ‘Angels of the public interest’ who attended the poorly publicized and oddly located Monterey FCC hearing for the ‘entire western United States’ showed up last night. Powell didn’t.

[ FCC and Media Monopolists Face Hot Criticism at Monterey Hearing (Indybay coverage) ]

[ Angels in Monterey I Score one for The People! I Photos: 1 - 2 I Coverage of FCC Hearing I Public Comments I Selected Citizen Comments I DaveyD's comments I Sprouts: Broadcast Localism I FRSC news coverage on KSBW I Watsonville To Get All Hawaiian LPFM Station? ]

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Announcement :: Alternative Media : Globalization & Capitalism

The Miami Model: Free Trade Police State

miami-model.jpgPolice across the country -- from San Francisco to New York -- have embraced the Miami model, an evolving set of police tactics deployed with ferocious force during the Miami FTAA protests last year. Join us for the Santa Cruz premier of "The Miami Model" -- a new Indymedia documentary about what happened in Miami, what may be coming to a city near you, and what steps activists are taking to tackle this new threat to dissent.

Thursday, July 22
Indymedia Space
Barrios Unidos (1817 Soquel Ave.)

Collectively, Indymedia activists and friends shot hundreds of hours of video footage documenting the FTAA protests in Miami. This footage has been edited by the FTAA Miami Video Working Group into a documentary that cuts through the mass media blackout to reveal the brutal repression and assault on civil liberties that took place, as well as the life-affirming and inspiring alternatives to capitalist globalization that were also in full effect in Miami.

Audio PSA and Flyers for "The Miami Model"
Trailer for The Miami Model (Quicktime 4.3megs)


Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

A Question Of Safety, The 'Ugly Mug' prom Saturday July 17th

queer bashing and police neglect and the compromies of safety

Every year the "Ugly Mug" (a queer friendly coffee shop in Santa Cruz County California) throws a 'prom' fundraiser. This year the "under the sea" themed 'prom' complete with party goers decked in their own renditions of the theme were dancing and singing kareoke to raise money for chest reconstruction surgery for a few of my friends who are currently transitioning. One minute we were dancing and it seemed like a split second later that the front of the coffee shop had imploded.

Two extremely drunk white men decided to show up to this queer friendly event and demand to get in for free. And when they were told that that had to pay the cover of 5 dollars a semi brawl began, breaking bottles screams and people being shoved replaced the dancing. While trying to get these individuals to leave verbally, with a fire extinguisher, and with physical restraint two more biolgoical females were pepper sprayed while attempting to ask passing cars for help. Meanwhile the police had been called several times and the confusion and lack of resources turned the party into a queer bashing scene.

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