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Announcement :: Alternative Media

Indynewsreal Premieres its March Episode

Indynewsreal is a news format show produced by citizens in the Santa Cruz area, and put together by members of Santa Cruz Indymedia with the help of the resources at Community Television.

Episodes premier on the first Wednesday of the month and repeat throughout the month at the same time, Wednesday 7:00pm on Channel 27.

[ Article | Indynewsreal Details | Community TV ]


Announcement :: Peace & War

Direct Action Planned at Recruiting Offices

Rally and Civil Disobedience Action Planned for Wednesday, March 5, the Day of the National Moratorium to Stop the War on Iraq. Instead of Lunch: Resist War and Rise Up for Peace at the Military Recruiting Offices at 41st and Clares in Capitola. Noon: Rally with Street Theater, Speakers, Music, Solidarity. 1:00pm *Nonviolent Civil Disobedience.

[ Article | Resource Center for Nonviolence ]


News :: Labor & Economics

UCSC's Hidden Workforce

Students and workers are organizing on the UCSC campus to dump Sodexho and secure a living wage for cafeteria workers. UCSC prides itself as being a world-class university and a leader in helping to solve the economic and social problems facing the communities of California. However, UCSC's sub-contracting practices are contributing to the very same economic and social problems that the University of California has been working to solve.

[ Article | Article and Photos: Dumping Sodexho for Valentine's Day | Cabrillo Dumped Sodexho! ]


Announcement :: Peace & War

Building an Anti-War Movement from Vietnam to Iraq

On Friday February 28 from 7:00 - 9:00pm, War Times/Tiempo de Guerras co-founder Max Elbaum will speak about Opposing War. His talk will address the role of youth, immigrants, and people of color in building the peace movement. This event will take place at Barrios Unidos, a national organization based in Santa Cruz that focuses specifically on helping teens establish self-steem and a sense of cultural pride and solidarity, while providing meaningful activities for youth.

[ Announcement | War Times / Tiempo de Guerras | Barrios Unidos ]


News :: Labor & Economics

Day of Labor Action at All University of California Colleges

Wednesday, February 26th, will be the first ever University of California Day of Labor Action. All the labor unions, at all of the UC campuses across the state, will be holding simultaneous actions. This is a huge sign of solidarity and will be the first time that such an event occurs. At UC Santa Cruz, Students for Labor Solidarity will be joining CUE Clericals, and UPTE Professional & Technical Employees, in a rally from 12:15 to 1:00pm in the Quarry Plaza.

[ More on Wednesday's Rally | Article on October 14-15 Labor Strike | Video from October 14-15 Labor Strike ]


News :: Peace & War

UCSC Faculty Senate Unanimously Passes Anti-War Resolution

UCSC's Academic Senate held it's winter quarter meeting today, voting overwhelmingly for a resolution opposing "unilateral US Military intervention in Iraq". The vote was 58-0 with two members of the senate abstaining. The resolution was drafted by the UCSC student peace coalition, Standing United for Peace. On November 12th, the UCSC Student Union Assembly passed a similar resolution, and the Santa Cruz city council was the first city to pass a resolution opposing the war.

Resolution Against U.S. Military Intervention in Iraq


News :: Resistance & Tactics

UCSC, Weapons Research, Universities in the Service of the Warfare State

The university's community has spoken out: No war! So it is a curiosity that while the students, staff, and faculty of UC Santa Cruz organize, march, and denounce the war, the university continues to aid the US Military. Behind the facade of an eco-topia, a peacenik's paradise bathed in liberal left wing ideals, UCSC readily conducts research for the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Department of Defense in topics ranging from computer networks, electronic systems and hardware, computer visualization and imaging, marine biology, tectonics, ocean science, and more.

[ Article | Wed. March 12 ]


Commentary :: Alternative Media

Pretty Words, Ugly Actions: Dump Recycled Politicians!

The city of Santa Cruz held a Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Sam Farr about a possible U.S. attack of Iraq. Robert Norse, an organizer with Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom delievered a potent speech, "Ending Two Wars," addressing war abroad while drawing connections to local injustice. "We need to get to the real issues that this War is stealing from us: Housing, Health Care, Civil Rights for the Poor, Ending Judicial & Police Corruption, Restoring Decent Wages, Stopping Corporate Power & the UC octopus. We need to declare Santa Cruz and this entire 17th Congressional District a sanctuary for those who resist the war. We, the community, can do this. We need to stay out on the streets continuously until these issues are addressed." Listen to Sam Farr's speech, a soundbite collage, and constituent reactions from the Town Hall Meeting.

[ Norse: Ending Two Wars | Challenging Sam Farr's Seat ]


News :: Peace & War

Santa Cruz Adds Hundreds to SF's Peace March

Hundreds of Santa Cruz residents joined Sunday's massive march in San Francisco aimed at stopping the Bush Administration's war on Iraq. Over 200,000 people marched in solidarity with millions of people in over 600 cities all over the world on Saturday in an international day of action to stop the war. It's wonderful," said a resident of Santa Cruz when asked about the size of the march. "For the first time ever, the mainstream media have to recognize us!"

[ Article and Photos ]


News :: Peace & War

6,000 People Marched in Santa Cruz for Peace and Justice

Approximately 6,000 people in Santa Cruz joined millions of others in cities around the globe calling for a peaceful resolution to the crisis with Iraq. Listen to a short collage of some of their voices reading aloud the messages written on their placards. Read reports from participants [ 1 - 2 ]. Listen to this interview with Sam Farr on the steps of the County Building. Publish your text, photography, audio, and video here on Santa Cruz Indymedia.

[ Photos of March | Photos of Rally | Photos from County Building ]



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