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News :: Resistance & Tactics

Anti-War Activist Targeted for Actions of Public Dissent

Rebecca Hall, an attorney and PhD candidate at UCSC posted anti-war material in the Santa Cruz community. Shortly thereafter, the Santa Cruz Police Department impounded her car in the early morning hours of November 13, 2001.

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News :: Peace & War

Anti-War Banners Over Highway 17

In a two-pronged attack, anti-war demonstrators hung banners from both Mt. Hermon Rd and Scotts Valley Drive overpasses in the town of Scotts Valley for northbound 17 commuters in the early morning of Tuesday Dec 4th around 7:30a. The combined message was "Are you buying this war?" and then a mile later.. "At what cost?", with a face or skull with its mouth taped shut, and an American flag hung right next to it. At 8am, one CalTrans truck was seen parked near the 1st sign. By 9p later that night, the two signs asking questions had been removed by someone, while the American flag was left in place. Who removed the question banners, on what grounds, and why they left the 3rd banner (the American flag) could not be determined. Did CalTrans do it, and if so why are they enforcing whatever law only against the politically INcorrect banners when their job is supposed to be road and highway maintenance, not political censorship?

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Santa Cruz Green Party In Power Fails The Test

Homelessness and political repression, the Green Party fails the test.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Community Support to Rescue Camp Paradise "Awesome"

No government agency has involved itself. Two private property owners have donated two garages for storage, and Dr. Paul Lee helped to fund some motel rooms for some of the displaced campers. The Quakers helped greatly by bringing trucks down, and transporting people to the motels. Larry Templeton called the Red Cross directly and asked for help. "They would not help us. Even if we was wiped out, all they would do is refer us to the Homeless Resource Center. Continuum of Care member, Jim Moran also called FEMA and The Red Cross. No one would help the camp.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Protesting the Cop-Killing of Happy John Dine

Approximately 6 people gathered for a protest and candlelight vigil at the corner of Soquel and Front St in Santa Cruz, Monday night from 6 - 7p, at the downtown bus stop where resident "Happy" John Dine was shot to death under suspicious circumstances by SCPD 4 years ago that day. Local activists Becky Johnson and Robert Norse were in attendance, among others. Police presence was minimal and not problematic. Protesters maintain the police planted evidence after the killing to justify a self-defense plea. The killers were later exonerated of any wrong-doing.

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