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Support the African Indymedia Conference

The imc-africa working group is seeking donations to support travel and other expenses of delegates to the upcoming African Indymedia conference in Dakar, Senegal, March 1-14. Without your help, delegates from all over Africa will not be able to come to the conference.

Since 1999 when the first Independent Media Center formed in the streets of Seattle the Indymedia network has grown by leaps and bounds. Much of that development has taken place in the Global North which has a well-developed multimedia structure that allows for quick and cheap media content. IMCs in some other parts of the world, notably South America, have grown by organizing non-hierarchically to make media, despite not having as much access to multimedia infrastructure.

On the other hand, Indymedia has grown very slowly in Africa. To give Indymedia Africa the push it needs, the imc-Africa working group, with support from other activists, is organizing an Alternative (Indymedia) Conference in Dakar, Senegal, from March 1 to 14.


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