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Jeff Perlstein on "The Real Media Indecency and What You Can Do About It"

Jeff Perlstein is the Executive Director of Media Alliance in San Francisco, a media resource and advocacy center for journalists, activists, nonprofits, and the community. Jeff initiated campaigns for Press Freedom during Wartime, greater community accountability at Clear Channel station KMEL-FM, and public hearings on the FCC's media ownership rules. He is also co-founder of the website, which launched during the Seattle WTO protests in 1999 and now links over 120 Independent Media Centers in more than 22 countries.

You can listen to a presentation Jeff gave in Santa Cruz on March 4 titled, "The Real Media Indecency and What You Can Do About It."

Today five corporations control more than 80 percent of what the American people see and hear, down from fifty companies just ten years ago. At the urging of Chairman Michael Powell, the Federal Communications Commission voted last year to make it even easier for these five corporations to gobble up more local outlets.

Along with the opposition of millions of Americans and organizations across the political spectrum, Media Alliance has temporarily stopped the FCC give-away in the courts.

This spring, Chairman Powell is bringing his new FCC Localism Task Force to Monterey.
>> It is time to organize!

The next meeting to prepare for the FCC's visit to Monterey will take place on Tuesday, March 16, at 7:00 PM

Audio: Rockin' the Boat: Jeff Perlstein on Media Reform

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