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Brian Avery Speaks In Santa Cruz

Brian Avery spoke at the Resource Center for Nonviolence on Sunday, March 15.

Avery arrived in Jenin as a member of the International Solidarity Movement on April 5, 2003. He had been in the West Bank for two and a half months when, after spending six days in Jenin, there were gunshots outside of the apartment where he’d met with two Swedish activists. When the gunfire quieted down the three went out to check the streets. They were about two blocks from the apartment when two armored Israeli vehicles approached the roadside. At thirty meters the vehicle’s occupants opened fire with approximately 230 rounds. The two Swedes were unharmed but Avery was shot through the face.

The bullet entered the upper right side of his nose and blew out the bones of the left side of his nose, cheek and upper jaw. He lost most of his teeth and his left eye was permanently damaged.

Audio: Rockin' the Boat: Brian Avery Talk
>> Brian Avery Interviewed by George of FRSC

comments from Brian Avery: "There were some miscommunications going on in this string, I'd like to clarify that there were not 230 shots fired at myself and Tobias Carlsson but rather 20-30. Also the comments about there being a "fighting zone" at the border when the ambulance was trying to get through is false. There was no combat activity at the time and the detention of the ambulance is standard policy against Palestinian medical crews."

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