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FCC Visits Free Radio Santa Cruz

At 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, May 13, agents from the Federal Communications Commision attempted to gain entry into the studio of Free Radio Santa Cruz. Skidmark Bob approached the pair to ask if they had received complaints of interference. Both agents said the only problem was the station isn't licensed. As they left, Agent Hartshorn threatened to return with a warrant if FRSC did not shut down.

The all volunteer, collectively-run, community based radio station began broadcasting in the spring of 1995, providing Santa Cruz radio listeners with a diverse array of music, talk, and experimental programming unparalleled by anything on the local dial.

The FCC visit comes just five days after the 35 watt station relocated to a new home and new spot on the dial. After nine years of broadcasting at 96.3 FM, a previously unused frequency, FRSC operators moved to 101.1 FM. The switch comes as a good faith effort to avoid interference with Air 1. Last summer, the Christian rock station was granted a license for a ten watt repeater on 96.3 FM in Salinas, CA.

Thursday's visit to Free Radio Santa Cruz is yet another attempt at silencing the tiny station, despite strong community support. On September 3, 2003, the Santa Cruz City Council voted 7-0 in support of an emergency resolution calling on the FCC to leave the station alone.

[ Audio: FCC Visit at the New Location I FRSC vs FCC Skidmix I Coverage from ]


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