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Texas and California Activists Launch Campaigns Opposing University Management Of Weapons Lab

Texas activists oppose the University of Texas’ plans to takeover management of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, while California activists want the University of California to end its role in managing the lab.

Los Alamos is the birthplace of the atomic bomb and a key Department of Energy (DOE) facility for new work on mini-nukes and bunker buster nuclear
weapons. UC has managed the weapons lab since 1943. But the DOE decided last year to open the management contract to competitive bidding. The
DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) schedule “in the near future.?

UT Nuke Free will act as a clearinghouse for Texas opposition to the University of Texas' pursuit of the Los Alamos National Laboratory management contract.

The UC Nuclear Free campaign seeks to end the University of California's role in researching, developing and producing nuclear weapons – weapons
capable of destroying civilization and most life on earth.

[ UT Nuke Free I UC Nuclear Free I The WMDs are in New Mexico! (video clips) ]


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