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Anti-Terrorist fence is saving lives

This report is from the Israeli government and was distributed on July 5, 2004. It documents the number of Israelis killed or wounded in attacks originating from the West Bank for 2003 and 2004. The data is further divided by those areas that are behind the completed portions of Israel's controversial security fence and those who were in areas where the fence has not yet been completed. The results are better than anyone could have imagined. So far, for 2004 there have been NO DEATHS and NO ONE INJURED for those areas where the fence has been completed. I don't like the wall/fence/barrier. I wish there was no need for it. I would greatly have preferred a politial and negotiated end to the conflict, but I realize the need for it exists to save lives. Perhaps some day the barrier can come down. I really think it is up to the Palestinian people to vanquish the terror groups that are operating within their midst and cynically recruiting their own children to be used in propaganda wars against Israel.

For peace activists who pray for a day when the violence will end, this should be good news. A passive resistance method does seem to be working to end the violence. Furthermore, with the fence up, many of the IDF checkpoint within the West Bank can be dismantled allowing Palestinians more freedom of movement within their communities.

I welcome anyone to post any data that refutes this data or can show that this data is in error.


The Anti-terrorist Fence Saves Lives

In recent months there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of attacks by Palestinian terrorist organizations, statistics show.

Attacks in 2003: for areas protected by a completed fence -- 46 deaths 221 wounded
for areas unprotected -- 89 deaths 411 wounded

Attacks in 2004 (Jan - June '04 only)
in areas protected by fence -- 0 deaths 0 wounded
in areas unprotected by fence -- 19 deaths 102 wounded

This trend does not arise from a lessening of the desire of the terrorist organizations to perpetrate attacks, or from an effort by the Palestinian Authority to prevent them, but only from Israel's decision to construct an anti-terrorist fence and its war against the the terrorist organizations and their infrastructure.

It is especially significant that, wherever the fence has been completed, the terrorist organizations have not succeeded in crossing it.

The security fence is fulfilling its only purpose: saving lives.

The lives of many Israelis have already been spared as a direct result from the establishment of the anti-terrorist fence.

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