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Who respects other religions? Not the Muslims!

Reply to noname: That is not what I have heard. What I have heard is that tourism dropped to almost nothing as people were too afraid to come to a violence-ridden area. And since the Palestinians launched the intifada which triggered the checkpoints, the Palestinians are the ones responsible for their own economic peril.
Israel will gladly dismantle the checkpoint when the Palestinians reign in their terror groups. Right now, every opinion poll shows they are urging them on to kill more Jews.

Your World Bank "expert" has found a scenario that completely ignores Palestinian violence and finds Israel entirely culpable. Not much of an expert in my opinion.

About Christianity's claims on Jerusalem: You wrote: "To Christians it is where the young Jesus impressed the sages at the Jewish Temple, where he spent the last days of his ministry, and where the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection took place."

Jesus was Jewish. He studied the Torah. He impressed the sages with his knowledge of Judaism. I can understand Christians wanting to visit the places where Jesus lived and walked. But how does Jerusalem "belong" to the Christians from this? I do note that the Israelis have protected all religious sites in Israel for all religions, not just their own.
Not like the Palestinians who in recent history sacked Rachel's tomb.

Thanks for your longer version of the Death of Mohammed and his ascencion into heaven. I note that in your description of "the pinnacle of the rock" no mention specifically to Jerusalem was made at the time. That came later.

I have a question for you. What kind of people come in and put up their church/mosque/temple on top of the most holy site for another religion?

Only religions which have absolutely no respect for other religions.

The Islamic claims to the temple mount in Jerusalem are a hokey as a three-dollar bill.
And yes, I know that the Jews in Israel include a large swath who are secular Jews. Religion is not obligatory in Israel like it is in a lot of Arabic countries.

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