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Noam Chomsky is no "ultimate source" of truth

Noam Chomsky is a brilliant man. But on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he is very one-sided. While reading his works is educational on many levels, he is not the ultimate source of truth.

If "war is horrifying" (which I agree it is) then why are you supporting the Arabs who continue to wage wars on innocent civilian populations in the name of Jihad?

1948---the Arabs offensively attacked Israel--right after a UN vote declaring their legitimacy!
1956--Arabs attacked Israel
1967 -- Egypt massed 100,000 troops on Israel's border and shut down their access to the sea. Israel in 6 days drove Arab forces back well beyond "the green line".
1973--- the Arabs attacked Israel during Yom Kippur when religious Jews fast and pray all day.
The Israelis barely won.

This is history folks. The Arabs have been out to genocide the Jews from BEFORE 1948. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler and gave him the idea of making Jews wear gold stars.

I would like to think these genocidal rivalries are a thing of the past, but I am afraid that is just wishful thinking.

Am I condemning a whole people? I have read the opinion polls in the West Bank and Gaza and the majority of Palestinians favor the suicide bombers. I am sure that if I went to Israel and met people on all sides I would find good and bad people everywhere. But at some point, a people either back their corrupt leaders or they throw them out of office. The Palestinians elected Arafat 8 years ago to a 5 year post. What does that tell you?

I am not so much anti-Palestinian as I am defending Israel from the constant unwarranted attacks made here, at the RCNV, by WILPF, the Committee for Justice in Palestine, Free Radio and the Muslim Student Alliance (just to name a few of the most outrageous local Jew-bashers).

I have not had good personal experiences with Palestinians. One woman, who spoke at the RCNV, staged an anti-Israeli "incident" which I have on videotape if anyone is interested. Now I know its wrong to blame an entire people for the actions of one of their people, but this woman was appointed a spokesperson for her cause and should have been one of the best and brightest her people could offer.

And to noname: I'll try to find some sources for the economic info. Basically, the Palestinian don't have much of anything--industry or agriculture and largely live on handouts. Their only income (when they had it) was from the well-paying jobs they had inside of Israel before their intifada pretty much eliminated them.

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