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There is no more a right to return

First, the author does not mention opinion polls taken in the Palestinian camps outside of Israel in which only 10% indicate any interest in "returning" and that number drops to 5% if it means living under Israeli authority.

2nd, anyone who was really displaced in 1948 is a minimum of 56 years old now.

3rd, the Palestinian population on the West Bank has tripled since 1967. Obviously, a lot of "returning" has already happened--mostly due to illegal immigration and partially to the extremely high birth rate of the Palestinians today.

4th: Israel has already returned 170,000 Arabs into Israel through their normal immigration services. Palestinian Arabs displaced by the war in 1948, have simply filled out forms for re-entry, submitted proof of residency such as rent receipts, deeds, birth certificates, etc., and once approved were re-admitted into Israel as Israeli citizens. From what I understand, this process ended with the Oslo Accords in 1993.

That said, I do think we need to find a solution for the people living in the camps. They obviously deserve to have a decent place to live and the rights of citizenship somewhere. But I think Israel has already done more to help out the Palestinian Arab refugees whose plight began with the Arabs' decision to attack the brand new nation of Israel.

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