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Israel is Genocidal? News to me!!

Steve: How can you say Israel is genocidal?

Here are the facts:

Since 1967 (and the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank) the Palestinian population has TRIPLED!!

Israel is so militarily superior to the Palestinians, they COULD wipe them out in about 2 days if they launched a full-out attack. They have NEVER DONE THIS and I don't believe they EVER WILL. That would clearly be against Jewish law.

If you look at the death toll since the intifada began (and it was launched by Arafat, you know) about 4,200 people have died in almost four years. About 1000 of the dead are Israeli.

Thats 0.076% of the population killed in four years by a people who continue to fund and support groups like Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa martyrs brigade, Fatah, Hamas, the PLO, the PFLP, to name only SOME.

In NO WAY does this constitute genocide.

Remember Nazi Germany where Hitler gassed 6 million Jews? THAT was genocide!

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