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Becky Johnson's first problem is that she thinks that the U.S. government is capable of providing solutions for the people of the world. From the three million Vietnamese killed by U.S. troops, to the Zionist genocide carried out against the Palestinian people with weapons provided by the USA, to the over two million the U.S. has killed in Iraq in the past 12 years; U.S. imperialism provides no solutions for the people of the third world.

The solutions for the people of Sudan can only come from the Sudanese people themselves and not from blood thirsty imperialists looking to steal the oil of every country it can for the profits of U.S. oil companies and arms manufacturers.

You say, "Blame Israel and the USA?" I say yes, most certainly. As a dependent junior partner of U.S. imperialism Israel has done much to hold the entire region back rather than progressing in revolutionary opposition to the plunder of their economies by U.S. and other imperialist countries.

The destabilization that has already been carried out in Sudan by the U.S. due to the country’s audacity to stand up against the U.S. war in Iraq under Bush Senior is a good indication of the inferior role the U.S. expects of third world governments. How much worse it will be for the people of Sudan under imperialist occupation.

As capitalism disintegrates further, leading to a complete breakdown of societies exploited by imperialism, the solution does not lie in more imperialism as John Kerry proposes. The only solution will be socialist revolutions in the developed countries that get the World Bank and other unfair trading practices off of the backs of the majority of the people of the world while getting rid of the threat of U.S. military invasion and destabilization carried out by the U.S. against any country that dares stand up to the United States for the benefit of their people.

Capitalism and imperialism created the crises in Sudan. Now you want to subject the Sudanese to even more of this under the humiliation of a U.S. occupation. Such an occupation will likely not be tolerated and lead to resistance as it has in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Africa is a very rich continent in terms of food production and natural resources. Yet imperialist plunder has kept her desperately poor. It is the duty of every socially conscious American to oppose that exploitation and any talk of sending U.S. troops to the continent to shore-up imperialist control. It is a betrayal of the African people to criticize Bush from the right and call for more imperialist intervention.

No to a U.S. war and occupation of Sudan!

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