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Re: Israeli Wall Seals Palestinian Ghettos
Listen to an interview with Mohamed Omar, an independent Palestinian journalist from Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Mohamed is the creator of the independent news website Rafah Today, which documents life and death in the Gaza Strip. Mohamed, who's home was recently demolished by the Israeli military, speaks about the importance of an independent media movement in Palestine to document and uncover the often hidden realities of the Israeli occupation.

The interview outlines the current situation in Rafah, focusing on the constant Israeli Occupation Forces incursions into Rafah refugee camp, while also exploring the aftermath of the massive Israeli military incursion dubbed "Operation Rainbow" in late May 2004. The Israeli incursion made international headlines, bringing condemnation from the United Nations and the majority of nations throughout the world. During the late May incursion many Palestinians were killed, while hundreds of homes were destroyed, leaving thousands homeless until today.

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