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Re: County Supports Felton Water Acquisition from CalAm RWE

As a historian, I am surprised that no one remembers that the Felton Water system belonged to the town and its citizens from 1869-1923. After a major fire in 1888, the system was incorporated, in March, 1889 with several leading citizens as trustees. By WWI the town lost much of its population and was disincorporated in 1917. George Fetherston, owner of much of the property on the main street, probably entered the picture as one of the trustees. Fetherston and R. L. Young of Oakland purchased control of the water system in 1923 as part of a plan for a housing development, Felton Acres. The two fell out, and Fetherston gained complete control in October 1925. In 1927, during a court case, he transferred his 252 1/2 controlling shares to his wife, Florence. The alienation of the company from its public roots was completed in August, 1933, when the Felton Water company was reorganized as Felton Water Co. It would be interesting to review these transactions from a legal point of view.

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