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Re: Sam Farr's Open Record

Steve's repeated charge of candidated Williams' "silence when asked a question about Risley" is ludicrous. Robert asked the following, "Joe, I know it's good to stick together and pool resources, but this guy is strictly nuts! Is this true, or just his fairy tale?"

Evidently, the Williams' campaign posted articles that confirmed that the info is true and which also included within them some of "Joe's thoughts". Thus the question has been answered. There were no other questions posed to candidate Williams. The wisdom of that decision can, and probably will, be debated, but to assert that there has somehow been "silence" is flat out wrong. How can there be "silence" when the story is even in the mainstream news? The decision does seem wise in terms of gaining some publicity. The headquarters grand opening was even on television news last night after the Olympics. Perhaps there'll be more.

If there's been any "silence", it's been Robert's unwillingness to justify his charge of "[Risley] is strictly nuts!". I'm sure it'd be easy to elaborate some criticisms of the Republican candidate, but so far, I haven't seen anything credible, just vague assertions from Robert that he's a "pro-military/Homeland/Fatherland Security candidate."

Let's raise the level of debate on this thread...

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