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"I've noticed some articles remain easily accessable in the right hand column for days and even weeks. MY article was pulled after only two days!! WHY???"

Listen Becky, "your" article was not pulled. Here it is, AGAIN:

The Truth about Arab Refugees in 1948

"What is the criteria for pulling articles?"

santa cruz indymedia has an editorial policy.

"Isnt it a first come, first served?"

Yes, the newest articles go to the top of the newswire (either local or elsewhere) and then they bump older stories down.

How long have you been trolling (er, using) indymedia? You have not figured this out yet?

"Shouldn't articles which generate lots of comments be kept up longer as they obviously have issues people are interested in talking about?"

No, it doesn't work like that. But, you are more then welcome to start your own website or use one that you are more comfortable with.

"I know I am a lone voice in here with my defenses of Israel, but I reject censorship, name-calling, death threats, accusations of racism, etc. that have been too frequent here."

You sure are 'outspoken' in your hatred for Palestine, but unfortunately you are not the only one.

"This is a forum for the community to discuss amongst themselves the issues they are concerned about. A healthy debate is good for democracy. You often learn more from your opponents than you do from your allies."

Indymedia doesn't do much to "encourage the dialogue" because the dialogue isn't really the point. You CAN post comments if you have something helpful to say (like additional information), or if some lie needs to be refuted, or something, but the point of the site is the main wire posts.

IMC is news--timely, independent, activist-oriented, uncorporate news and commentary. It's a wire service as well combing the web and sharing information.

"Who pulled my article and Why????"

Nobody "pulled 'your' article" Becky.

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