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Re: Ralph Nader vs Washington Post on Israel

I voted for Nader the last time around. Never again. Nader should garner the anti-Israel vote with this kind of one-sided accusations against a State that is challenged like no other state in current history.

Nader accuses the Israelis of going "beyond the 1967 borders in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people."

Let me remind readers that the 1967 borders were crossed by 5 Arab armies in an attempted war of annihilation of the Jewish State. They attempted to wipe out the Jews again in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Israel must stay vigilant against attack at all times. Her strength keeps the Arab armies at bay.

Those Arabs meant do more than "starve" or "humiliate" the Jewish people. They were (and still are) intent on genocide. (No! not ALL of them! But a significant percentage).

Does Israel starve the Palestinians? While some food shortages are occurring due to the dismal economy in the Palestinian Authority, the cause is the terrorist war (the intifada) which Arafat and the Palestinians launched in Sept. 2000.

Does the IDF expel Palestinians? Despite individual stories, the census proves otherwise. The Palestinian population on the West Bank has tripled since 1967 to 3.2 million.

Does the IDF dominate the Palestinians? 98% are under self-rule in the PA. But since the PA has completely failed to reign in the terror groups, Israel has reluctantly had to step in and catch the murderers itself. This is hardly domination for dominations sake.

Humiliation? I suppose he means the checkpoints and the security measures. For the past four years a bloody intifada has been raging inside of Israel and in the territories. Its obvious that the security measures are reasonable. If that is humiliating, then the Palestinians need to blame their own leaders.

So why does Nader hate Israel?

Why is Nader silent about the suicide bombings, the sniper attacks, the honor killings, the public lynchings, the incitement to hatred of Jews coming from the Mosques every Saturday and broadcast on Palestinian tv? Why does Nader blame Israel for the poverty of the Palestinians and not the Kleptocracy of Arafat who has absconded with a billion dollars already in his personal bank account?

Perhaps Nader is sincere in his desire to see peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But how a one-sided criticism of one country and a blind eye to outrageous behavior on the part of the other hardly seems the way.

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