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Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

I have been so overwhelmed by the support & Love of listeners in a time that out of town thugs can by force take away our LOCAL communication with our community and thats what they do not want us to do is be able to produce our own communication our own media our own lives. Being raided was a horrible experience but being raided means we at FRSC must be doing somthing right, we are making a HUGE diffrence with our little 35 watt transmitter and of course all the donations and wonderfull phone calls of support from our community in Santa Cruz. the phones ringin off the hook LA Times interviewed us today and Rolling Stone is trackng us down What did we start! We need to return to FM broadcast ASAP I totaly agree but we also need to reasses our options and there are many. Its been rough not hearing 101fm my house is pretty silent these days
I feel sometimes like a close freind died,
but its ok we will be back Please be patient folks
we will be back better than ever!

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