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text of PNB resolution

Whereas, the Federal Communications Commission has in recent weeks renewed attacks on micropower broadcasters similar to the attacks that occurred in the late 1990's, which in turn led to the mass movement that ultimately impelled the FCC to create a new class of micropower licensing,


Whereas, the resulting licensing rules were deeply flawed and in many ways hostile to access to unused FM bandwidth by low-power broadcasters,


Whereas, the Pacifica Foundation is an historic advocate of free speech in broadcast media,

Therefore, Resolved:

That the PNB calls on the Pacifica Foundation, local affiliates, and other public radio networks to:

a. Condemn the recent FCC attacks on and shut down of KFAR, First Amendment Radio in Knoxville, TN, and FRSC, Free Radio Santa Cruz, in Santa Cruz, CA.

b. Demand that the FCC cease the attack and shut down of micro-power broadcasters without due process

c. Support the return to the air of KFAR and FRSC, and

d. Support the expansion of all means for democratic communication and participation in broadcast media, including micropower FM broadcasting.

Be it further resolved:

That the Pacifica Foundation and its local affiliates organize discussions, on-air forums, and join with free speech and civic media activists, with the goal of fostering a better understanding of the issues affecting democratic communication through broadcast media, including low-power FM broadcasting. The Executive Director is duly instructed to formulate and distribute an editorial statement reflecting this resolution to all General Managers for airing.

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