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Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

They cannot apply for a LPFM license as none is available in the Santa Cruz area. The number of LPFM licenses granted is next to none anywhere in the US. Our FCC has a history of dragging it's feet for as long as it can even when granting LPFMs, it would easily be more than a year before FRSC could get one even if one were available in the Santa Cruz area. Given the citizen and local government support of FRSC it is clear and evident that the FCC is supporting a pro corperate agenda. A quick look at information regarding the FCC's plans to loosen its strictures against conglomerate ownership of media outlets ( will demonstrate that they are no longer acting in the intest of the people, but instead, the monied (and more importantly anti-democratic)interests of the current corperate media powers. The FCC has no business auctioning of the radio and tv spectrum, it belongs to the citizens.

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