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Re: Santa Cruz School District Official Proposes Teacher Raise in Lieu of Benefits

I appreciate your response R. Paul but you seem to be missing the larger picture.

BTW the suggestion was a casual remark by a district employee to union reps, not a district offer of coverage choice.

I believe this is a dangerous trend. While the 'guv' and his friends hand over $$$ to Enron and (they hope) to publically funded genetic experiments, school services are deteriorating.

If you've followed the district's treatment of teachers for the last few years you'd know that the benefits (which medical workers used to refer to as 'the cadillac of insurance') have deteriorated along with those of Safeway workers (something you also supported because you are afraid of Walmart). This year if teachers want to be insured in the event of cancer and a few other horrible dseases they have to buy extra coverage out of their pockets. There has also been a deterioration of benefits to domestic partners.

This 'added' insurance coverage will have to be bought without a (multiple year) Cost of Living allowance.

Teachers who care are now forced to work longer and harder. Last week they were out picketing. They were supposed to be working to contract. I don't think many of them did. i.e. they continued to work overtime just to get their jobs done.

BTW some teachers have outright refused to work in the new portables (necessitated by the school closures) because the assault to their respiratory systems was too great (to say nothing of what happens to the kids).

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