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As I understand it the health plan was changed over the summer. There is no longer a choice of plans. There is no chiropractic (try moving your classroom 2 times in 1 calendar year). The most popular former choice, Blue Cross Prudent, was downgraded to a 'more economical' Blue Cross plan. This is now the only plan offered.

Because the new plan has some 'holes', the district was legally obligated to officially inform the teachers that they were no longer covered for certain mishaps and illnesses. The insurance reps were hired to meet with the teachers during classroom hours.

There teachers were informed that when they lost their 'Prudent' coverage their disability insurance was also lost (they could now apply for workman's comp along with everybody else). Also lost was the excellent coverage for cancer related treatments like radiation and travel costs to and from treatments. Now there was a severe cap. Also, for those who don't believe in traditional medicine, coverage for alternative treatments was lost.

In place of these lost benefits the teachers were offered extra coverage payable out of their own pockets. I.e. they took a pay cut while their benefits deteriorated.

Also notable is the fact that there is no way to pay extra to try to recoup the lost coverage for a domestic partner.

I agree that all teachers, including those who are untenured, should be compensated for the work they do (as well as bus drivers; many of whom end up with serious back problems). But let's not forget that the programs, which have been developed over the years, didn't just appear but resulted from the labor (extra meetings, classes, workshops, planning, nights at kitchen tables) and many times the out-of-pocket spending of teachers who were there for years.

And most of all let's not forget that it is the insurance companies who are getting very rich.

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