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Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

ummmm... So Roberta you voting Bush this year or what???
Did it ever occur to YOU that the law wouldn't allow us to broadcast our station even if we felt this illegitimate administration and it's corporate lapdogs of regulatory agencies (the FCC) had any right to tell us what information we can and can't share on the PUBLICS AIRWAVES! Due to FCC regulations and something called the third channel adjaceny rules, there is no place on the FM dial for a small, micropower station like ours to operate. And ask anyone familar with radio technology and regulations, and they will most likely tell you that a 35 watt radio station operating on an empty slot on the FM dial actually doesn't interfere with the 1,000, 10,000, and 50,000 watt corporate commerical stations that dominate OUR airwaves. Even FCC agent David Hawthorne said there has been no complaints of interference from our station, and that our only violation was not having a license which even if we had wanted to get, we couldn't have.
In fact, FRSC had been operating on 96.3 for years, which had been an empty spot on the dial, before we moved to 101.1 . And do you know why we moved??? Because the FCC gave 96.3 to another station and in an attempt to be RESPONSIBLE BROADCASTERS we moved from 96.3 to 101.1 another empty spot on the dial.
Your threat however to get your own equipment and intentfully attempt to interfere with our signal is not only petty, but would be incredibly irresponsible as a broadcaster. What problem do you have with a small radio station attempting to provide news and music to its community that you can't hear anywhere else on the local FM dial??? What threat does Amy Goodmans Democracy Now, or any other of the numerous informative shows we play everyday pose???
In a real democracy, people should be able to have access to many sources of information, and then make up their minds for themselves what to believe. Attempting to control what people are allowed and not allowed to hear is not only unamerican (ever hear of the 1st ammendment? Freedom of Press and Speech?) but outright fascist in nature. When you have so many propaganda networks (Fox news being probably the worst of the worst) it is essential to provide people with a diversity of ideas so educated people can make up their minds about what to believe without being told what to believe.

I hate to quote the Governator but...

PS. Oh, and as far as our "illegal enterprise", I hate to inform you that FRSC had been commercial free for almost 10 years. There was no money being made anywhere by anyone involved in the station. It's entirely made up by dedicated volunteers who do this because they feel its important for their community to have access to information that wasn't surrounded by and maintained by commerical messages. So there!

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