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Re: FRSC Responds to our supporters

First off, Mr. Segundo, exactly what do my political leanings have to do with the issue at hand? Or, were you just thowing out that ad hominem to ensure that FRSC's billions and billions of supports will know yours?

Next, I'm going to address your frequency change. The chances are you moved, because if you didn't the complaints would have poured in and the FCC would have closed in on you much sooner. You didn't move becuase you wanted to be "RESPONSIBLE BROADCASTERS," admit it.

Needless to say, you imply that those naughty government officials shut you down becuase of your, er, different point of view. They didn't. They shut you down because you're scofflaws, plain and simple.

Also, my threat, as you put it, was sarcasm. My point is, that if everyone were allowed to broadcast without any regulation, the airwaves would end up being filled with broadcasts stepping on each other. You can't be so dim that you don't realize that, so I'll just assume you were being delberately obtuse.

The most amusing part of your rant, exuse me, your response, is that mainstream news, are all attempting to contol what American's hear ane see on the news. That's silly at the best. Loony is probably closer. Tell me, Mr. Segundo, was FRSC broadcasting its own propaganda?

FRSC is Dead! Get over it!

PS. Mr. Segundo, I suggest you purchace a dictionary and look up the word 'enterprise.' You'll no coubt be flabergasted to find out that in the context I used it, has absoultly nothing to do with commercials or making money. Enjoy the fee tip I just gave you to improve yourself.

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