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Re: Eminem joins the black bloc in anti-Bush video!

At first sight all anti-Bush people probably hailed this video as a plus for the democratic forces. But after analysis, this video must be condemned for what it really is : a reactionary bourgeois tactic to coopt and channel the anti-war movement in the same corporate direction.
How is the army voting for Kerry any better for the country and the world? Bush is an open fascist dictator working for the corporate fascists who finance his election. Kerry is also financed by the corporate bosses. The difference (and Kerry has admitted it) is in the methods and not the "values" (read: the ideology). One has boxing gloves and the other velvet gloves hiding the iron fists.
It's the capitalist system that they defend that compels them to go to war for the US empire. It's not the personality.
Eminem is a fraud.

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