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Some discussion that was left out

Jim Smith passes as the final word what Barry Bachrach wrote:

" a nutshell, Mr. Peltier did not support substitution of un occupation for us. he demanded a un inquiry into us actions. thanks."

Final word? I think not.

Leonard Peltier clearly stated, as was passed on by Chad Hagedorn of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee:


"I spoke with Leonard this morning regarding his position on the war in Iraq. He gave me a short response, but not a full statement:

"'The [Iraq] war is unjust. People were lied to; Congress and the Senate were lied to. All should immediately be turned over to the United Nations to form a proper and democratic government.'" – Leonard Peltier

"Is a full statement on the war necessary? Leonard is always rather busy, but if this is crucial we can make it happen.

"Chad Hagedorn
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee"

As you can see, Leonard Peltier's statement says nothing about any UN investigation. If Leonard Peltier would like to change his comments that would be a welcome change from his original position.

However, if the Peltier campaign would like to call for a UN investigation into US actions in Iraq perhaps they could also call for an investigation into how the UN conspired with the US in killing half a million Iraqi children through economic sanctions and how they worked to disarm Iraq to set them up for the current invasion and occupation.

While we're at it, why not call on the FBI to investigate the murders they carried out on the Pine Ridge Reservation and get them to investigate their frame-up of Leonard Peltier.

I counterpoise any illusions in the UN to the need for all imperialist forces to get out of Iraq.

Iraq to the Iraqis!

U.S. Out Now! UN stay Out!

Comradely, Steve Argue

Earlier contradictory statements from Kevin Akin on the issue:

"When looking for an appropriate body to run elections, the UN certainly does leap to mind."
-Kevin Akin

"Steve invents another fiction in the heading of this e-mail, which says "UN Democratic? What nonsense is this?" No one, certainly not I, said anything about the UN being democratic." -Kevin Akin

"I also certainly hope you all know better than to believe that I am a "liberal," that seems implied in this latest message from Steve." -Kevin Akin

What I actually said:

"We are too advanced in our thinking to be promoting illusions in UN "democratic" imperialism over (or more likely in combination with) US imperialism. Call me angry for not seeing the progressive nature of French and German troops, but I will not be a part of such liberal nonsense." -Steve Argue

I never called you a liberal. I was aiming at the liberals in the Democrat Party such as Kucinich. I'm sorry that your views are similar enough for you to be offended.

Kevin, you keep claiming that Leonard Peltier didn't say what he did say when I've shown you a direct quote of it. Turning everything over to the UN has one meaning to most people. Yet you claim it means something else, and see it as reasonable road forward to democracy.

I disagree. The UN is a murderous enemy of the Iraqi people and deserves nothing but the same welcome being dished out to the U.S. occupation.

Leonard Peltier's statement of turning "all" over to the UN was put out publicly so I, as someone who has campaigned for Leonard Peltier, felt a need to respond publicly. I would have preferred to deal with this some other way, but I cannot be seen supporting a candidate who advocates turning "all" over to the UN.

Comradely, Steve Argue


I agree with Steve Argue and withdraw my support of Leonard Peltier, who
calls for UN occupation of Iraq as candidate for president of the Peace and
Freedom Party.

Chuck Anderson, Peace and Freedom Party of Orange County

Why UN Occupation is not the Solution for Iraq

By Steve Argue
April 21, 2004

Facing a jobless recovery, cuts in needed social programs at home, and a growing war that we did not want in Iraq, the working class of the United States is looking for solutions. In the face of this restlessness against the war the best the left of the Democrat Party can do is call for the defeat of Bush by voting for pro-war Kerry while putting forward the half-baked scheme of replacing the U.S. occupation of Iraq with a UN occupation.

Yet John Kerry not only voted for the war in Iraq, he is running as an openly pro-war candidate. In a February 27 address at UCLA, Kerry promised to, “Replenish our overextended military, as President, I will add 40,000 active-duty Army troops, a temporary increase likely to last the remainder of the decade.?

In an interview with Time Magazines (March 7 press release), Kerry pledged that as president he would stay the course in Iraq.

In contrast Democrat candidate Dennis Kucinich, who voted for the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, paints himself as anti-war while putting forward the slogan “U.S. out, UN in?. In addition other liberal and left presidential candidates such as Ralph Nader, Leonard Peltier, and Al Sharpton call for a UN occupation of Iraq.

It was the UN that imposed the starvation blockade against Iraq that killed over half a million Iraqi children. UN arms inspectors were also a key force used to disarm Iraq and set them up for the current occupation/slaughter. Besides the rightful anger that Iraqis hold towards the UN, the obvious question is: what would be anti-war about a UN occupation of Iraq? Was the Korean War, waged by the U.S. under a UN flag, any kinder to the 3 to 5 million Koreans it killed to impose a puppet government in South Korea?

Facing a united uprising of Shias and Sunnis even the Bush administration, after declaring the UN irrelevant, is now asking the UN to join in the occupation. He is asking the UN to share in the exploding human, political, and financial costs of dominating the Iraqi people against their will.

Yet it will be a hard sell. Spain, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic have said that they are withdrawing their troops from Iraq with Poland and Thailand presently considering doing the same.

Bush had originally opposed such an idea of an UN occupation because he did not want to share the spoils of war with Germany and France. Taking direct control of Iraqi resources for U.S. corporations while undercutting German and French imperialist competition was a key goal of the invasion. Now that the U.S. and British war efforts are facing a fierce and growing rebellion, Bush is looking for ways to draw Germany and France into the conflict. To do so Germany and France will have to be promised their share in the spoils of Iraq.

Whether Bush succeeds in broadening the occupation to include the UN, or a Democrat or Peltier or Nader would be better at the job should not be our concern. The difference between the unilateral imperialism pursued by Bush and the multi-lateral imperialism advocated by many Democrats is the difference between a single rapist (the U.S.) or a gang rape carried out by the UN.

Because of Leonard Peltier’s support for a UN occupation of Iraq, I have withdrawn my support for his candidacy for president. While I will continue to advocate Leonard Peltier’s freedom and support many of his causes as my own, I propose that the Peace and Freedom Party find a different presidential candidate, from the ranks of our own party.

US Out of Iraq! UN Stay Out!

Build The Peace and Freedom Party as the Socialist
Alternative to the Capitalist Parties of War!

U.S. Terror In Iraq, Winning Hearts And Minds?

By Steve Argue
April 13, 2004

In an attempt to strike terror into the hearts of the Iraqi people the U.S. government has unleashed extreme violence on the people of Fallujah in retaliation for the Iraqi killing and mutilation of four U.S. mercenaries. While the U.S. corporate media is
reporting a cease-fire in that city, the U.S. assault is continuing.

Official reports are saying 600 Iraqis have been killed in the recent and ongoing US assault on Fallujah. Iraqis are pointing out that this estimate is low because it doesn’t count many of the bodies that have not gone through hospitals such as those that are still sitting in rubble as well as those that have been buried in mass graves. Iraqis have been forced to bury many of the dead in quickly dug mass graves because they are being shot at when U.S. forces see them digging holes for the dead.

Reporting from Fallujah on April 12, Rahul Mahjan quoted an Iraqi named Al-Nazzal saying “I have been a fool for 47 years. I used to believe in European and
American civilization.? Explaining his change of heart, Al Nazzal described the horrors of ambulances being hit by American snipers and women and children being shot in cold blood.

Rahul Mahjan, an American reporter, was skeptical of the stories he had heard of ambulance drivers being shot while picking up the dead and the wounded until he saw evidence for himself. He describes what he saw: “This I saw for myself. An ambulance with two neat, precise bullet-holes in the windshield on the driver's side, pointing down at an angle that indicated they would have hit the driver's chest (the snipers were on rooftops, and are trained to aim for the chest). Another ambulance again with a single, neat bullet-hole in the windshield. There's no way this was due to panicked spraying of fire. These were deliberate shots designed to kill the drivers.?

Nazi style collective punishment on the entire city has turned the whole population against the occupation. Even Iraqis that had joined the occupation police force are now reported fighting on the side of the resistance. Throughout the region the US occupation now looks identical to the actions of the Israeli military.

Across the country Iraqis are aware of the brutal assault taking place in Fallujah. In an act of solidarity with the city’s predominantly Sunni population a shipment of aid was recently sent in solidarity by Shi’as. All this as the U.S. plans an assault on Najif to take it back from Shi’a insurgents declaring their intention to kill or capture Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr.

Moktada al-Sadr’s popularity has been rising since the beginning of the U.S. occupation because of his refusal to work with the occupation in any way and his calls for direct elections. Fearing al-Sadr’s growing support the U.S. moved in to shut down his
newspaper, Al Hawza on March 28th. At a protest against banning the paper the New York Times quoted free-lance reporter Omar Jassem, saying he thought that democracy meant many viewpoints and many newspapers. "I guess this is the Bush edition of democracy,"

Besides censoring the press, slaughtering civilians, massacring demonstrators, and denying elections, the U.S. occupation forces are holding 10,000 to 20,000 Iraqis without charges.

Just as the U.S. denied the Vietnamese direct elections and democracy during its occupation of South Vietnam, the U.S. government knows that their puppet regime, if they ever get one going, cannot win a direct election in Iraq.

Just as the Vietnam war was lost by the United States before it was started in 1955, so too is the war to take Iraqi oil for American based multi-nationals. The Vietnam war took 30 years, the deaths of 50,000 U.S. soldiers, the deaths of 3 million Vietnamese, and
massive unrest in the streets and on the campuses of the United States before the American ruling class finally cut their losses and realized the war was over. In those 30 years capitalist fortunes were made in military hardware off of the blood of a generation.

Today the inevitable defeat of U.S. imperialism in Iraq has already been determined. As tens of thousands of Iraqis have already been slaughtered along with the lives of over 680 U.S. soldiers, the question must be asked if it will take 30 years to end the occupation of Iraq.

Kerry has made clear that he won’t stop the war and Bush, like a mafia hit man, has vowed to finish the job. To end this war we as workers, students, and soldiers must build the strongest possible movement independent of the Democrat and Republican Parties of war.

U.S. Troops Out Now! UN Stay Out!

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