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Re: Liberation News Voter Recommendations

"Cat-Dog" raises a good point. The support Liberation News has given to Joe Williams is critical support for a candidate who, unlike Sam Farr, is calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

It is true that when asked Joe Williams is refusing to criticize Republican candidate Mark Risley. In return Joe Williams has gotten an office from the Republicans. I deeply oppose this unprincipled alliance. This is similar to his speaking at a rally for Arnold Schwarzenegger without attacking that Republican candidate either. I spoke at that same event and warned those present of how bad Schwarzenegger would be in office.

In addition Joe Williams said to the Sentinel, "His goal in running is to somehow move Farr to the left."

It is an illusion to think that a war-monger like Sam Farr can be moved to the left. This should not be the goal. The goal should be to move the people to the left of Farr, the Democrats, and all of their policies by exposing the truth. In bringing more people to the left you build more resistance to war and the other capitalist policies of the Democrats and Republicans as well as building a political alternative. In building that movement and political alternative we may either force concessions from them or be met by more repression, but you will never force the Sam Farr's of the world to the left.

Ultimately the goal must be to build a political alternative to both the Democrats and Republicans that is capable of transforming our entire society.

Despite the mistakes made by Joe Williams, he still represents a protest vote against the war and the Democrat and Republican Parties.

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