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Voting with a PENCIL is not OK

Voting with a PENCIL is not OK

It is just shy of midnight and I have just returned from the "Government Center" of Santa Cruz where I met with our exhausted County Clerk, Gail Pellerin. When I told her about my voting experience in Felton earlier today, she seemed surprised. She had not yet heard about the voting with pencils incident in Felton. When I told her about how the local election officials had taken down the signs telling folks to vote with the special graphite pens, she seemed particularly concerned. She promised to investigate this tomorrow.

But, Gail tried to tell me that it is OK to vote with a pencil. All of the absentee votes, she told me, were marked with pencils. California is not a swing state in the presidential election, but there are a lot of other issues that I voted on today that matter to me. I don't want to have to pay extra taxes so that our local Highway One can be made bigger. I don't want a Republican Senator. With all of the outright voting fraud that happened in Florida, and that is happening right now in Ohio and Arizona, I do not want to trust my pencil vote in the hands of the state. I don't want a gang of eraser weilding thugs to steal the future.

(Thanks to the Indy Media folks who have helped me today)

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