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Re: Possible Voting Irregularities in Felton

Just a note about voter fraud in Santa Cruz County - the idea is really quite silly. SC County runs an amazingly clean election, not to mention all the extra outreach programs they have to ensure that every voter has a voice. People have been using pencils to mark absentee ballots in SC County for years and there has never been a problem, I don't see why pencils wouldn't work at a polling place either.
As for the human vs. machine question - in Nov. 2002 the SC county elections department had to do a manual recount for an extremely close race (1 vote difference!). The results were exactly the same as the machine count - 1 vote difference.
I'm not saying that voter fraud isn't something you should be worried about, but maybe you should direct some of that scrutiny to counties/states where it is a real issue and can really make a difference. is a great place to start!

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